Monday, December 26, 2005

there goes christmas

I'm exhausted. After all that hype and preparation leading up to yesterday's Xmas barbeque I'm really tired.

All the worrying about whether there'll be enough food to go around (there was too much), whether it was going to rain (the weather was BEAUTEEFUL!), whether the house will be clean enough (not like anyone noticed), whether people were going to like what I made (no one spewed) and whether everyone was going to enjoy themselves (well I think everyone did).

I think we did good. The aches are well worth it.

Although ... I can't seem to get the comment Eric's friend made about me having put on A LOT of weight since we last met .... NOooOOOOOoo

New Year's Resolution 1#: Go to gym until able to fit into size 8-10

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